Wooden Toys for Toddlers

  • Wooden toys are coming back in fashion. They offer durability and are perfect for little hands (and mouths!). Many wooden toys are created for toddlers in mind. They avoid the small parts, and the paints used are always human-friendly.

    With so many people returning to Christmas toys for toddlers, it’s worth looking at some ideas for Christmas gifts. We have a range of these toys for our little girl from when she was a toddler. She still plays with them now, and I love how long they can last. They’re definitely getting kept for our second baby on the way.

    Here are four ideas for your Christmas gift ideas for toddlers.

    Melissa and Doug Pounding Bench

    Wooden Toys for Toddlers

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    Children love to hit things. The sound and action helps them develop. If you don’t have the right toy, they’ll just go into the kitchen cupboards and grab your pans. What would you rather have? Banging on metal or on wood?

    The Melissa and Doug Pounding Bench is designed to satisfy that need to hit and make noise. It’s also a great teaching tool, developing motion skills and hand-eye coordination.

    The pegs don’t come out, so there’s no danger of them getting lost. They’re different colors, too, so as your toddler gets older you can go through the colors and teach language as well as motion skills. All the little pegs have smiley faces on, alluring to children.

    It’s not just about hammering a few pegs into the bench. The pegs are on a seesaw underneath, so as one is hit another will pop up on the other side. While your child develops motion skills, he or she will be able to play peek-a-boo with the peg on the other side.

    There are mixed reviews on Amazon, with most giving it four- or five-stars. The durability definitely isn’t something to complain about. As one reviewer pointed out, though, you’re giving your toddler a miniature Thor’s hammer. But remember, children will make noise and this toy will at least develop skills at the same time.

    5pc Animal Nesting Dolls

    We all likely had a set of nesting dolls as kids. They were always the Russian woman, who would get smaller and thinner as we went down. Well, children aren’t always interested in pretty women.

    Wooden Toys for Children

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    They want something they can relate to.

    What’s better than a set of colorful animals? That’s where this nesting doll set is perfect. There are five different animals: a lion, tiger, pig, monkey and bird. Not only is it something suitable for your toddler to play with, but it’s also great for learning colors, animals and the sounds they make. You can sit down for hours of fun.

    There are some parents who complain that there are gaps between the top and bottom. However, toddlers are not likely to notice this. For the price and fun, they could make the perfect Christmas gift this year. Some parents complained of chips in the paint, where others haven’t said anything. I think this depends on the set and also the wear by the child over time. Unfortunately, paint and wood can chip over time.

    Parents have also said to beware of the smallest doll. It is much smaller than the rest, and some parents worry that it is a choking hazard. Like any toy, playing under the guidance of an adult is important.

    Melissa and Doug Sorting Cube

    Christmas gifts for toddlers

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    The sorting cube has been a long time favorite toy for children. It’s no surprise that Melissa and Doug have brought one out in the wooden toys for toddlers collection.

    One of the best things about the sorting cube is the endless hours of learning fun a toddler can have. Children learn motor skills, as well as developing logic skills. They have to work out which blocks will fit through each gap.

    Once all the pieces are pushed through, the top of the box slides open and the pieces can be retrieved. They can also be stored in the box to avoid the pieces from going missing.

    All the blocks come in the four main colors: red, blue, yellow and green. They’re bright and cheerful, catching the eyes of toddlers around the world.

    Some parents have complained that the shapes are similar in some cases, making it difficult for toddlers. It’s worth remembering that this is a learning toy, as well as something fun. As children get older, they will start to spot the subtle differences and have fun working out which hole the block goes through. For toddlers that get frustrated, it could be a great bonding toy for parents.

    This is one that we have at home. Our daughter was easily frustrated, so we spent hours with her playing with it. Now she can do it all by herself, but it was great to be able to spend time with her while she played and learned at the same time.

    Melissa and Doug Tool Kit

    For some reason, children love to copy parents. They want the kitchen utensils that mommy uses and the tool box that daddy owns (or vice versa…). It makes sense to get your little one his or her

    Wooden Christmas toys for toddlers

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    very own tool kit.

    Melissa and Doug brought out the wooden tool kit, with 24 different pieces. There are wrenches, screws, bolts and hammers. Not only will it help your child learn, but he or she will have fun for hours building all sorts of contraptions.

    This is an excellent tool for the imagination. We have lots of these types of toys in the house for our daughter to help her get creative with building. I think my husband has more fun with them than she does, though!

    It’s another toy that takes time for children to get used to and learn. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives you time to play together and help your toddler develop. Of course, like the pounding bench, you’re giving your toddler a hammer, so expect a lot of noise! At least you get your pans back!

    Wooden toys for toddlers are great. They last years and are completely safe. I prefer them over the plastic toys that are out now, and don’t mind spending a little extra money. The best thing about the options above is that they’re affordable. They are all  under $20; definitely worth the money.