• Most parents see all the new toys coming out on the market and begin to wonder if they are choosing the right toys for their precious child. The toy market is huge and it can be difficult to make good choices.

    There are a few things that any parent should look out for when buying a toy, the first of which is safety. A lot of toys come out with small parts that can be a choking hazard, so when buying a toy check for these and make sure it will be safe for your child’s age.

    With regards to age, a lot of toys do have age restrictions on them, but you as the parent know what your child can handle and what they can’t, so use this as a guide only.

    For some children as they age they prefer toys that they actually have to do something with. Children will love toys that they can participate with such as sporting type toys. Many toys these days come out with sound and lights and children love these sensory toys no matter what age they are. In fact for many children if it doesn’t make a sound (must to our chagrin) or have lots of lights they don’t want to play with it.

    A lot of children really love toys that have a function, something like a table that can be used for them to draw their pictures on or eat their meals on. This can also teach children to use this particular toy in different ways and many children will take care of this sort of thing and like to keep it clean and tidy. This not only teaches children to look after their things but they learn about multi functionality of different things.

    One thing that has become incredibly popular in the toy world is educational toys. Now this is something that is of course down to personal choice, but for many parents they find that toys should be fun. Children learn by doing all sorts of different things and using their imaginations with toys is one of the best ways possible. Yes there are some great educational toys out on the market, but I see no reason why children cannot play with toys that are just fun.

    As long as you are supervising your children’s play and interacting with them, at the end of the day all toys are great and whether you buy a cheap toy or the most expensive on the market you can never be sure until your child actually plays with it how they will actually interact with it or whether it is left in the corner of a bedroom pretty much untouched.