The First Years Massaging Action Teether: Perfect For Oral Stimulation

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    The First Years Massaging Action Teether

    The First Years Massaging Action Teether is a teething toy and rattle I discovered through one of my son’s occupational therapists. For starters, I want to mention that my son is autistic. He’s two years old (turning three soon) and he gets therapy 4-5 times a week from four different therapists.


    How We Discovered This Incredible Toy

    This is a toy my son’s occupational therapist brought into the picture after telling me that he had a need for oral stimulation. Basically, there is a sensation and feedback my son gets from biting. He finds it comforting when he is sad or angry. He also uses it as a way to express extreme excitement too.


    This Toy is More That Just a Teether and a Rattle

    I’m classifying this toy as so much more than just a teether and a rattle. This is a sensory toy and a must have for any child in my opinion. Any time your child bites down on it the star is going to vibrate and massage the inside of their mouth. The wheel at the other end can be spun by your child. In addition to biting, my child also has this need to spin and flick things. This two is a two-in-one special for a child that needs to bite as well as flicking and spinning.

    This is a perfect toy for getting a child who struggles to focus to sit down and engage in play time. We are able to get my son to sit down and chew on this toy or spin the wheel on the other side while he does puzzles or shape sorters with me and/or his therapists. This being an activity he doesn’t always do so well otherwise. With this toy in his hand to chew on, he has lost the urge to put every other toy you hand him in his mouth. He can check on this while he plays with his other hand and the toys you provide him.

    The Batteries Really Do Seem To Last Forever

    The toy is sealed with batteries that are not intended to be replaced. The biggest concern people tend to have is what if the batteries run out? Well, this is not really something you have to worry about. My son’s therapist has had the toy for years and the batteries work just fine. I would actually recommend buying one and buying a second to put up in case something happens to the first one because that is how much this is going to change things for you and your child!

    Please, check out this video to get a closer look at this toy and how it works:

    For the record, I do think this would be a great toy for someone who just has a baby that is teething. The battery and the toy itself lasts for so long, you are going to have no trouble with the toy lasting until your child is not teething anymore. It is also 100 percent safe. This is not a toy you have to worry about your child continuing to chew on once he or she as a few teeth. My son has a full mouth of teeth and he has no problems chewing on this.

    I highly recommending heading over to Amazon and having a look at The First Years Massaging Action Teether it is worth every penny and more.