Star Wars Toy Ideas for the Perfect Christmas Gift

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be out by the time Christmas comes, and the toys are already available. All the fans want them, and they will make the perfect Christmas gifts for all ages. Here are three great Star Wars toy ideas for children and adults.

    16-Piece Lego Character Set

    Image from Amazon

    Image from Amazon

    If in doubt, mixing a favorite movie and Lego is never a bad thing. This 16-piece Lego character set is a great toy for all ages, and can even become a collectible for those who just want something from the movie series.

    The age range is set at 6 years+, but that is based on Lego toys. The small parts are dangerous for small children. Personally, I’d happily buy my three-year-old this toy. We have a rule that the Lego can only be played with when an adult is around. It always leads to Lego pieces all over the living room floor, but it is worth it to ensure the safety of my child while she has fun.

    The best thing about the characters is that they fit with Lego pieces you may already have. They work with all the other Star Wars sets out there.

    This 16-piece set comes with all the main characters from the movies, including C3P0, Luke Skywalker and Yoda.

    Your Very Own Lightsaber

    Star Wars Lightsaber

    Image from Amazon

    No Star Wars fan is complete without a lightsaber. There are many on offer around the internet and in stores, but the Anakin to Darth Vader Color Change Lightsaber is definitely one of the best.

    Many will remember in Episode III when Anakin Skywalker finally became Darth Vader. You will remember the way his lightsaber changed from blue to red, not just to show the allegiance change but also to show that he allowed anger to take over; blue is a more calming color.

    With this lightsaber, you get to be two characters at the same time. You can start your day as the good guy and then let the evil side of the Force take over. It all works with just a push of a button. When you get bored of being the bad guy, you can go back to being the good guy again.

    As well as changing color, there are sound effects mixed in. Not only are the power up and down sounds there, but you can also mimic the breathing of Darth Vader. When you clash with items and other lightsabers or swing your weapon, the sound effects mimic the actions. It’s just like duelling in the movies.

    Children and adults of all ages will love this lightsaber. You may find it the perfect gift for your grandfather if he loves the movie franchise.

    The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Pack

    Image from Amazon

    Image from Amazon

    What fan wouldn’t love to get their hands on a Stormtrooper pack from the upcoming The Force Awakens movie? Now it’s available, and exclusive to Amazon.

    The pack comes with seven figures, each with their own jobs to do. You’ll get Captain Phasma, a First Order TIE Fighter Pilot, a Riot Control Stormtrooper, Heavy Artillery specialist and more. Each of the troopers come with their own accessories, so you can really get ready for battle.

    One of the best things about the pack is that it is one of many. You can collect the various packs over time, putting them with their vehicles and making them fight against their sworn enemies. All of the products are fully produced by Hasbro, so you are getting the genuine products.

    This pack is recommended for ages four and up, due to the small parts. It’s great for children of all ages; even the big kids.

    Star Wars fans will love one of these Star Wars toy ideas for Christmas. Think about the ages of your children, and what they prefer to play with. There really is something for all tastes and preferences now.