Scientific Explorer’s Disgusting Science – A Kit for Studying the Science of Revolting Things

  • Let Your Kids Get Gross with Science

    Let’s face it – kids love anything that is gross or disgusting so if they can learn at the same time, why not let them! The Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science kit is filled with all sorts of experience that will make them scream with glee and disgust at the same time and teach them, too. They can learn all sorts of fascinating things and not even realize that they are learning because they are having such a great time.

    Some of the things they can learn about include what makes them fart, the living creatures that live on their body, what’s in their teeth, and more. They can create things like safe bacterias and molds, fake snot, and pretend intestines. Each kit comes equipped with all the ingredients for fun experiments and creations that will entertain and educate your child. This is a great gift for both boys and girls that are 8 years of age and older, but it should be used with adult supervision.