Playschool ALPHIE

  • Nothing excites a parent more than seeing their child learning new things. With the new Playschool ALPHIE robot, this will become a daily occurrence as your child explores new concepts with this interactive robot. ALPHIE is on a field trip from his own planet and will help introduce your child to learning in a whole new way.
    If you are a child of the 1980s, you may remember ALPHIE. He is back now, new and improved and ready to teach your child. With his electronic voice, this new version of the educational robot will provide a lot of fun for your little one.

    This robot covers the gamut of learning by talking about letter sounds, shape sorting, vocabulary, cause and effect and many more topics. In fact, it will feel like ALPHIE is a walking classroom that is packed into a robot’s body. His buttons light up, he sings, he plays music and while all of this is going on, your child’s mind is being stretched and developed in brand new ways.

    The idea behind allowing your child to learn with Playschool ALPHIE is to make education fun and exciting. You can help your kid become a problem solver and super learner. Trips in the car will become more fun as your child will have a constant traveling companion who is a great teacher at the same time. Keeping a child occupied in the car is important to any parent’s sanity after all!

    ALPHIE comes with 30 double-sided cards that are easily stored in his backpack. Some of the cards which come in the starter pack are ABC Song, Matching, Music Composition, Shapes, Numbers, Letters, Color Exploration, Counting Song and the Quick Start Guide.

    Each card has two sides and each one has its own game or activity. They range from simple things like matching shapes and letters to math. ALPHIE also gives hints to the right answer if the wrong one was chosen. All of the games are meant to help in the development of the child and to reinforce their cognitive skills. Not only is this robot fun, but it says all kinds of uplifting things to the child like “You’re super smart” and “I knew you’d get it right.”

    Meant for ages 3 and older, Playschool’s ALPHIE robot is definitely something you want to have in your home if you have a young child. You can also purchase booster packs to give additional practice on letters and numbers.