Minotaurus : A fun board game and a number one Christmas toy this year

  • Minotaurus, is the most wanted Lego game this Christmas after Harry Potter. It combines the fun of a board game with the challenge of Lego and has proved to be a huge hit with kids of all ages.
    When you can build your own game and change the rules it leads to a fun afternoon for all members of the family. The recommended age on the game is 7 years old but most families find that as you can adapt the game yourself, it is suitable for younger kids. The only issue they may face is trying to fit the regular sized Lego pieces into the Maze.

    Board games are very educational as they teach kids how to excel at team building; they sharpen their sense of competitiveness and also fair play. So how do you play the Lego Minotaurus game (3841)? You get 12 Lego microfigures and a dice in the pack in addition to the Lego required to build the game and of course an instruction booklet. The aim is to get your hero to the center of the Maze. If you want the game to last longer you could stipulate that you have to get two or more heroes to the center. You have to avoid the Minotaur while at the same time make it more difficult for your opponents to reach the center.

    You roll the dice to start and go that amount of spaces. If you land on grey you can move a brick wall to stop the Minotaur reaching you or to block your opponent. If you land on black you move the Minotaur eight spaces trying to take out one of your opponents sending him or her back to the start.

    Lego games appeal to kids and adults alike. The kids love the fact that the board game doesn’t last for hours like a game of Monopoly can. They can make the games as simple or as complex as they like. Adults like them because it is good for children to play with practical and imaginative toys rather than sitting watching TV or playing video games. But that is not the only reason. Lego reminds adults of their own childhood. Some people have purchased the Lego Minotaurus game for adults. As you can make the game more challenging you can appeal to the competitive instinct in your friends. Of course adding a few beers and turning it into a drinking game will work too.

    The appeal of the Lego Minotaurus game appears to be its versatility and widespread appeal to all ages. Lego encourages you to modify the game, not only with regard to the structure but also the rules so every game can be unique. With the fantastic price and the durability it is easy to see why it made the Top 15 best selling toys for Christmas 2010.