Minecraft Foam Sword and Pickaxe

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    OK, so this could possibly be the most awesome item to have branched off from Minecraft and if you haven’t heard of Minecraft yet then you’re totally missing out. Arguably, Minecraft is currently the most popular PC game to have hit the shelves in the last few years – it’s played by literally millions of people across the globe in either a single player format or a seemingly vast open world online experience. Spin-offs are currently appearing in your stores for some of the characters and utensils that appear in the game and this set of foam sword and pickaxe has to be one of the best by far!

    They’re big, fun and foamy to say the least! You could spend literally hours running around pretending to actually be in the Minecraft world wielding your trusty sword, swinging at Critters to save your life, and when everything has calmed down, unleash your pickaxe and start grabbing those stone resources! Please note, since these are made of foam you’re unlikely to cause much harm if you hit someone with your sword, or indeed if you tried to dig into a rock with the foam pickaxe, your results won’t be that impressive!

    What is impressive though is the level of detail of the sword and pickaxe, with the design mirroring that of the pixel-like Minecraft world. We highly recommend these if you’re a Minecraft fan and even if you’re not, these are great toys to play with for younger kids and are extremely safe to use.

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