LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

  • LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

    The iconic revolution brought in by the Star Wars universe and its characters can still be seen in the enthusiasm of all Star Wars fans. Unlike any other releases from LEGO, this advent calendar is unique in terms of the characters and figures to look out for.

    With the central attraction being Yoda dresses as Santa Claus, the Star Wars Advent Calendar includes 24 different Star Wars-themed mini-figures, vehicles and accessories from the Star Wars universe. The idea of finding a new gift every day sets the Advent Calendar apart from any other gift a child would love to get and play with.

    Like a tradition, several people buy advent calendars every year as they possess the uniqueness of several gifts within a gift, however, this year’s special release themed upon Star Wars universe has not created enough buzz in terms of it being a Christmas gift. Yet, there are millions of Star Wars & action figure fans who have bought the Star Wars Advent Calendar and are completely satisfied with the product as they like the intelligent & creative modeling of the characters and the figures.

    The game is recommended for any star Wars fan above the age of 3 years.