Lego Minecraft

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    Certain games are market changers. When they come out, developers all over give a metaphorical smack upside their heads and state “now why didn’t I think of that?” Released in 2012, the computer game Minecraft took the gaming world by storm. The simple, but engaging graphics and massively created worlds that you could alter, create, and mine provided a revolution in gaming, reminiscent of the effect of a certain block maker that has their own set of customizable building blocks. Well, it looks like the gaming industry has come full circle, because now Lego offers a set of bricks themed for the Minecraft game. Simply put, if you like the idea of seeing your Minecraft world on your table, you should pick this set up.

    The Lego Minecraft uses a modular design, so though the box looks like it might be relatively small, you actually get a huge amount of customization out of one set, with four above and four below-ground locations. At just over four-hundred pieces, the price is reasonable, especially given how many options you get with one, or more of these sets. Some of the pieces are a touch fiddly, including the trees, so like any Lego set, you should take care with some of the more delicate pieces. This set is one of several with a Minecraft theme, so whether you buy duplicates, or just go for every set, you can create an immense Lego world using these custom sets. If that doesn’t capture the intent of the infinite customization of Minecraft on your table, nothing will.

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