LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet

  • LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet

    Ah, Christmas! A time for giving, excitement and spreading joy, which also means time to do some research into the top Christmas toys. We introduce to you the LeapFrog LeapPad, an excellent learning tablet that is perfect for boys and girls aged between 4 and 9 years old. If you would prefer to give your child a present this Christmas that is not only fun but a learning experience at the same time, then this LeapPad is definitely one for you.

    Being one of the top Christmas toys, it features hundreds of educational books, games, videos and apps covering the essential topics such as math, reading and science. This tablet contains interactive, cinematic experiences that will engross your child this Christmas for hours on end – perfect for when you’re making the Christmas day dinner or just wanting to sit down with a glass of wine.

    The Ultra eBook is three books in one to aid your child’s reading development and caters for all levels of reading skills, with the level adjusting automatically as your child progresses with their reading ability. Wow, this definitely is one of the top Christmas toys for this year.

    Because of the age group that this Christmas toy is aimed at, the manufacturers have built it to be shaken, flipped and mauled by the kids, which it most definitely will be as soon as your little ones set their sights on it!

    The LeapPad really is at the height of modern technology, with the ability to upload your child’s progress to its online tool, the Learning Path. This will give you chance to receive regular updates on your child’s progression and achievements, allowing you to tweak their learning and study experience.

    This really is an incredible toy and you should really be getting this incredible interactive tool this Christmas for your child.