Infants LOVE Go Baby Go Stride To Ride Dino This year

  • If you are looking for the perfect toy for a growing baby, take a look at the Go Baby Go Stride to Ride Dino. It is suitable from 9 months old and just perfect for helping baby take their first steps to independence.
    Go Baby Go Stride To Ride Dino
    This toy encourages independence as your child will have to try and stand up to push the buttons to play the music or turn the lights on. The large wheels help to keep the child steady as they take their first steps pushing this walker along and it will move over carpet as well as tiled floors. It is fairly easy to turn as well so parents won’t get constant calls to come and help turn it around. Some walkers particularly the round ones are difficult to maneuver and can cause frustration which is obviously not the outcome you want.

    Both parents and kids have fallen in love with this toy. Kids love the fact that the lights come on when the Dino moves and it also sings. There are 3 songs, 2 tunes as well as 5 sound effects to keep baby amused. The sturdy frame and handle appeals to parents as with some walkers you worry that they will tip over but this is not a concern with this Fisher Price toy. Parents will also appreciate the fact that unlike some musical toys this one has a volume control. It also comes with the batteries included so you don’t need to worry about forgetting them this Christmas.

    In addition to being a walker, the Go Baby Go Stride to Ride Dino converts into a ride along toy once your toddler has mastered the art of walking with it. Toys that grow with babies are great as they grow up so quickly. At least this Dino turns into a scooter to keep them amused for a while longer.

    If your baby doesn’t like the Dino, he or she might prefer the more colorful Fisher Price Stride-To- Ride Lion. It is slightly more expensive at just over $50 compared to the $40 for the Dino but the principles are the same. It provides a sturdy walker for baby to practice their first steps. It also converts to a scooter by simply folding the lion’s tail away. Some parents have found that the lion can tip over when baby is walking but have solved the problem by putting tins of food into the cavity under the seat. Baby cannot take them out when he is walking so if you experience this problem you may want to try this. But for most parents the Stride-To-Ride Lion, just like the Go Baby Go Stride To Ride Dino inspired their children to take their first steps very early.