Hyperkin RetroN 5 Review

  • hyperkin retron 5 reviewIf you or, someone you know, loves retro gaming then our Hyperkin RetroN 5 review should get you pretty excited! This system promises to¬† make it easy to play all of your old school games with one, modern and easy to hook up gaming console. The question is does it deliver on these promises?

    What Games Does Hyperkin Retron 5 Play

    The biggest question for anyone would obviously be, what games can this console play? Let’s face it, if it doesn’t play the games you own or want to revisit then what’s the point. Luckily this system hits a bunch of the old favorites.

    • NES
    • SNES
    • Super Famicom
    • Genesis
    • Mega Drive
    • Famicom
    • Game Boy
    • Game Boy Color
    • and GBA cartridges

    That’s a total of 9 systems worth of games that can be played from this one console.

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    As you can see this system works pretty well with all those different games. The graphics can be tweaked to either look like it did back in the day on your old TV or bumped up a bit to give your favorite classic a bit of a face lift.

    One of the things I really like is the ability to use the original controllers. This truly gives you that retro gaming feel when playing and for me, makes a huge difference. trying to play old favorites on a different controller or a mouse and keyboard has always been annoying to me. Even if you don’t have old controllers I have seen them from most systems for about $10.00 here.

    Another great option is that now you can pretty much save any game where ever you like. Save points were always a sore spot for me especially when you got to the harder levels and got killed right before you made it to the saving point. While most of your retro games are probably appropriate for all ages, as adults we have less and less time so being able to stop and save quickly is something that just adds that much more value to the system.

    Finally we can also connect our old games to our new T.V.’s! Finding adapters and setting up older consoles can hyperkin retron 5 consolereally be a pain so having the HDMI set up right out of the box is just another reason to give the Hyperkin RetroN 5 review a big thumbs up! You literally just plug it in t the TV and power and can start playing.

    There are a couple of slight negatives with the system and while they definitely should not deter you from getting it they are important to mention.

    First is the tight fit of the cartridges themselves. They are not exactly easy to get out of the system but, it does not in any way damage the game itself so it really is not that big of a deal. Still many people have reported it being a little harder then it should to take your game out of the system.

    The wireless controller that comes with the system does have a little lag. Like any new controller this an really just be a matter of getting used to the timing but it is worth mentioning.

    All in all this really is an awesome retro video gaming system and something that every retro gamer should have to play their old school video games. It makes life so much easier on a newer TV and you can switch from system to system simply by changing out cartridges.

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