Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts is a Huge Top Christmas Toys Favorite

  • Lego Hogwarts (3862) is a fantastic Lego game for all of the family to enjoy. The Harry Potter films and books continue to amaze and enthrall an entire generation. Now the kids not to mention the adults can enjoy playing this magical game based on Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
    Lego Hogwarts (3862)
    So what do you get for your $30? The beauty of the Lego games is that you get to build the game first so kids who love Lego don’t miss out on this part. Once the game is built you can start playing just as you would with any other board game. The idea is for each player who represents a Hogwarts house to collect items from four classrooms. Sounds simple doesn’t it. But of course it isn’t. Being based on a magic book you can expect all sorts of tricks to happen.

    It is a very educational despite being based on fictional characters involving witches and wizards. The game teaches kids to think about strategy and not just playing to win. Obviously they will want to finish and win the game but they also want to make it more difficult for their opponents to beat them. This could involve moving staircases or relocating classrooms in order to confuse the other players and distract them from their goals. Your child will develop his cognitive and creative skills as well as his ability to be a good participant and team player. It should also help with concentration levels which is always a good thing.

    Don’t worry about having insufficient people to play the Lego Hogwarts game every day. Most parents report that their kids are quite happy to play with this Lego set recreating themes from either the books or DVDs or from their own imagination. The enclosed micro figures of Harry, Hermione, Malfoy, Dumbledore and Ron are fantastic too.

    The game comes in a good sized box which is small enough not to cause storage problems but large enough to accommodate the game board when it is fully built. This avoids the need to dismantle it every time you have finished playing. With a little practice the game can be played in about 30 minutes which is just long enough to prevent anyone getting bored given boys in particular are not generally known for their ability to sit still.

    If you have kids who have yet to read the Harry Potter books or watched at least one film they may not get the same level of enjoyment from this game. Given the potential complexity it is probably more suited for kids aged 8 and up but that will depend on your child and his or her knowledge of Harry Potter. It is really hard to imagine how you could beat the Lego Hogwarts (3862) for value, educational and financial and sheer enjoyment factor this Christmas.