Fushigi Ball

  • Every once in awhile a product comes along that you instantly fall in love with even though you really don’t understand how it works.  The Fushigi Ball is definitely one of those items.
    When you first experience the Fushigi Ball, it appears to have the ability to levitate.  But that is really an illusion.  It exploits the sphere’s reflective properties to give the appearance that it is moving upward and downward, as well as floating in mid air.  It uses the art of contact juggling to create these effects.  There are no strings or wires used.  And when performed properly it seems that the sphere has a mind of its own.

    So, how does it work?  Well, again, it does not actually float.  It is an illusion and is more of a performance art, just like any other magical illusion.  Your instruction will start out with basic hand manipulations and then move onto performing the appearance of floating, levitation and defying gravity.

    The theory behind the illusion is called contact juggling and involves keeping the ball in constant contact with the body.  This art is also known by other names such as Sphereplay, Orb Rolling, Dynamic Manipulation and Spherical Balancing, among others.  The goal is to perfect your skill to the degree that the ball appears to be floating, even though it is in constant contact with you at all times.  This is why it takes a great deal of practice, but once you have mastered the skill you can amaze others with your abilities.

    The actual ball is actually a ball within another ball.  The inner reflective ball is layered with acrylic and even though the outer ball will not break if dropped, it is possible to chip or mark it permanently, if it is not handled with care.   It comes with a protective pouch designed to store the ball when it is not in use.  Its use is highly recommended.

    Besides the Fushigi Ball, the kit comes with a very detailed tutorial DVD, which explains exactly how to achieve the results that you have undoubtedly seen on TV.  There is a great deal of practicing involved in order to master the effect.  The main point of the training is to understand the physics behind the device.  Once you understand this completely your training will advance easier.

    The manufacturers recommend that users be at least 12 years old, but if your child has the capability for concentration and learning about this subject there is no reason why they can’t try it out.  Since there are different sizes of the Fushigi Ball available it would be better for new customers to start with the 3 inch model and work their way up to the 4 inch model once they have gotten the hang of it.  There are also some mini models available that can be utilized in multiple numbers at once.

    The Fushigi Ball is destined to be a favorite for generations to come simply due to its mystical powers.  The great thing about this item is that it is not selective as to it users.  In fact, anyone who practices can create the illusion.