FurReal Gogo Walking My Pup Toy for Kids

  • Parents will be excited for some kids just want this toy for Christmas. While there are many children who want a real dog for Christmas, there are many other parents who don’t want this. They think of how much it will cost to feed the dog and other things of that nature. So, when one of the kids say they want a puppy, maybe you should suggest a toy that is almost like the real thing without so many responsibilities as the real deal. This is what you can find when you get them the FurReal GoGo Walking My Pup.

    There is one thing that might drive a person nuts as a parent and this would be that this animal sounds just like a dog. It barks like a real dog and wags it’s tail just like a real dog which kids will love!

    Unlike a real dog, this one isn’t as dangerous when it’s not on its leash and it can become a good friend. You don’t have to worry about the kids losing control of this dog either if they don’t hang onto the leash. Why is this? That is because kids can walk this dog using a remote control. If only having a real dog was as easy as this.

    Kids will love this animal as with just a few batteries which aren’t include, they can take this animal anywhere that they wish to go. The remote control which has big buttons makes it easier to use as some kids just can’t keep onto that leash. It’s a step in the direction of independence.

    This dog even pants like a real dog! Now, this dog isn’t for all surfaces. Due to the fact that it’s not a real dog, then kids need to be watched. This dog can only go on dry and solid surfaces. Surfaces should also be smooth as to protect the wheels that the dog rides on.

    Also kids will learn to be gentle with this pooch. They will be told when they are being too harsh with the dog as the dog will whine and growl. When will it do this? It will do this if it’s lifted in the wrong way or if you pull too hard on the leash. This is a great experience for kids.

    If the kids love the FurReal GoGo Walking My Pup and they do well with this, the creators that have brought you this cute little pooch also creates live cats. This might make some kids very happy as well. It’s time to give them the animals that they wish to have without all the mess that you as parents are afraid of them to have. Now, you can do this with this robotic pet.