Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck

  • It is little wonder that the Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck is the most popular remote controlled truck this year. Boys of all ages love their cars and this is an extremely realistic truck aimed at those aged 6 and over. This isn’t a small toy. At two feet long and one foot tall this truck will not be difficult to spot especially with the flames shooting out of the exhaust pipes. Check that the batteries are included in the pack – you should have a 9.6V rechargeable battery.
    Wild Fire Monster Truck
    The Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck is a great present for boys not only because it will appeal to their imagination but it will also stand up to some rough handling. It can cover almost any terrain due to its 4 wheel drive and nine inch tread wheels. It has realistic sounds i.e. the engine rumbles and the lights work although these are quite heavy on the battery so you may want to turn them off to prolong playtime. Alternatively invest in a second battery so that you can change it when the first one runs out.

    Thankfully this toy is powered by electricity and not gas which makes it less expensive not only to purchase but also to run. Although this is a safe toy, the recommended age limit is 6 years and up. Not only will younger kids probably be smaller than this giant truck but they may also lack some understanding of how to maneuver the truck properly. The remote control is small enough for little hands and after a couple of times using it, most kids over 6 will be naturals.

    If you are looking for a quiet Christmas this is the perfect toy for the boys as it will keep them amused outdoors for hours so long as you have taken the advice to buy a second battery. Their friends are likely to have asked Santa for a monster truck too so you can expect a certain amount of friendly rivalry. Being boys they are bound to want to show off and make their trucks perform the best tricks. This monster truck can perform impressive stunts including a 360 degree turn.

    Currently the Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck is on sale at Amazon for $140 but at Toys R Us for $90. If you are worried about the truck breaking down you may want to consider the Toys R Us 15 month protection plan on offer for an additional cost of $12.99. Just make sure you read all the terms and conditions before you sign up. With the popularity of this toy already rising, you should buy early to avoid disappointment.

    Fast Lane Wild Fire Monster Truck – Amazon