E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Anniversary Edition

  • Everyone tries to capture the wonder and mystery that is the experience of being a kid. Most movies these days try for that lofty goal, but their reliance on special effects and the overblown need to show everything can spoil the wonder in a way that classic movies never lose. That’s why the Anniversary Edition of E.T. on blue ray is a great holiday choice for anyone that wants to bring that old sense of wonder into their home.

    Let’s face it, there’s not much I have to say that will convince you if you want to buy this or not. The anniversary edition does have some nice additions though. It is digitally remastered, it has behind the scenes shooting guides and journals, new directors commentary from Steven Spielberg, and additional deleted scenes. If you love this cinema classic, there is no doubt that you want this Anniversary Edition of E.T.