Disney Princess 7 Doll Collection

  • Disney Princess 7 Doll Collection

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    Just imagine if you could buy all the Disney princess dolls together, rather than individual ones. Well, you can with the Disney Princess 7 doll collection. This would make a great gift for young daughters, especially.

    Multiple Disney Princesses in One

    My daughter loves the Disney princesses, and adores playing with her different dolls. With the Disney Little Princess 7 Doll Collection, you get all the main favorites. Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel are of course expected, and Belle joins the four classics. There are also two modern Disney princesses, Tiana and Rapunzel.

    It’s extremely easy to tell the seven different dolls apart. All are dressed in their signature dresses. Rather than the traditional blue and white petticoat, Belle is in her beautiful yellow ball gown with her hair tied up in the classic half-up bun. Cinderella is also dressed in her special blue ball gown from the Fairy Godmother.

    Switching the Dresses Easily

    The best part is the ability to quickly change their dresses. All the clothes are in Magiclip form, so quickly come off. Aurora can dress up as the Little Mermaid and Tiana can try on Snow White’s dress for something a little different. The small parts does mean that it isn’t suitable for children under three years. I allowed my two-year-old to play with it, but was always there to ensure she didn’t swallow parts.

    The main benefit of the dresses is the material. They’re solid, so it’s not going to feel like they will tear easily; very different to the traditional princess dolls. This is something that one user commented on when giving the product a 5-star review on Amazon. The same user also commented how unbreakable the clips are, because of their design.

    The Negatives of the Disney Princess 7 Doll Collection

    There are negatives, just like any product. One of the main negatives parents have noted is the lack of some of the Disney princess dolls. Jasmine is a favorite for many, and Mulan—despite not technically being a princess—is one that many children want to play with. Merida is also not available. These can all be purchased separately.

    Some users have also commented that the product is a lower quality than expected. However, this is a small number of users. The majority have great reviews.

    The Disney Little Princess collection is available for worldwide shipping from Amazon, making it extremely easy to get your hands on it.

    For a parent point of view, the dolls are great. The Magiclip dresses allow children to easily change clothes on their Disney princesses, without parents getting annoyed with flimsy material. It’s definitely worth adding the Disney Princess 7 Doll Collection to your Christmas wishlist for your child.