Disney / Pixar BRAVE Movie Roleplay Toy Merida Archery Set

  • Great Gift for Brave Girls

    Little girls all over the world got excited at the strong role model that they found in the Disney Pixar movie, Brave. Princess Merida is exciting and strong and her archery skills are admirable and when little girls saw her in the movie Brave, many of them wanted to be just like her. That’s why so many girls wanted the Toy Merida Archery set!

    This is a great gift for a little girl that wants to be just like Merida in the Disney Pixar movie, Brave. This archery set is inspired by the same set that Merida used in the movie. The set comes with four arrows and quivers and a belt that the child can wear. The arrows have suckers at the end that prevent harm. The belt is adjustable to fit your child. With a set like this your little girl can let her imagination flow as she pretends to be strong and brave – just like Merida.