Disney Dance Star Mickey by Fisher Price

  • If your toddler could go shopping himself, he would probably pick the Disney Dance Star Mickey for cute factor alone. Young kids love music but when you combine it into an interactive doll that resembles a favorite character they go nuts for it. The recommended age range is 2 plus years and the doll weighs in at 3.5 lbs and is 16 inches high. He looks just like you would expect Mickey Mouse to look with his big black ears, huge grin, yellow shoes and of course his Mickey monogrammed sweater.
    Disney Dance Star Mickey
    This toy was only released on October 5th and the kids in Toys R Us went mad for it. Thankfully in most stores it comes with the 6 AA batteries it needs to power its way through six different songs but you should check. You may want to buy an additional supply of batteries as it is hard to imagine anyone turning this toy off. He not only dances but also walks and talks and even does the Moonwalk. There are also two interactive games which your kids will just love playing along to.

    The only downside with this toy apart from the fact it will be difficult to clean is the fact it is going to be so popular this Christmas. You can see that plenty of kids are going to be disappointed. In fact you can almost predict the number of parents who will end up spending a fortune trying to secure a Dance Star doll on EBay or via Craigslist when Amazon, Toys R Us and the rest run out of stock.

    If your kids loved Tickle Me Elmo, they are going to go mad for this Disney Dance Star Mickey. It is not only the kids that will want these. If you or anyone you know has been collecting Disney Mickey Mouse dolls this is one they won’t want to miss. So what exactly does it do?

    Mickey gives instructions on how to dance the Mambo shouting out hold your hands up and here we go as he moves to the beat. He then sings along as he dances. If you are not into dancing, you might like the Mickey says game. If you have ever played Simon says you get the picture but Mickey is much cuter. You can change the song choice easily just by pressing his hand.

    In addition the Mambo, Moon dance and Mickey says, Disney Dance Star Mickey also does a little bit of Disco with his “go Mickey” techno moves. He also raps along to his name and if that wasn’t enough he has a couple of cool freeze moves too. You can see kids giggling this Christmas never mind one or two adults who won’t be able to keep their feet from tapping along. Although they want to skip the wine before starting the Triple time freeze moves!