Minecraft – Foam Diamond Sword and Pickaxe and Light-Up Torch

  • Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword and Pickaxe

    We are lucky enough to be graced with the world of Minecraft. What were we doing 2 years ago before Minecraft was released? It doesn’t matter what we were doing, because it is in our lives, thankfully, and we, at this very moment in time, can buy some amazing replicas from the game and live-out the cool things that we can do within the game, but in real life.
    Take this Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword and Pickaxe set for example – perfect replicas from the items in game and made from EVA foam – granted, the sword won’t allow you to kill creepers or spiders or any other nasties, nor will the pickaxe allow you to mine in your local quarry, but they really are awesome to have, whether you’re looking for something for you, or for a gift.

    Minecraft Light-Up Torch

    Imagine if you wanted to head out on an adventure with a friend to re-enact some of your favourite moments in Minecraft, so you grab your sword and pickaxe so you can dig for a quarry and fend off the enemies and start your own base up, but wait, it’s night time and it’s dark, making vision very difficult and you can’t fight off the spawn of monsters from appearing due to lack of light. We have the perfect answer! This Minecraft Light-Up Torch is it – it’s another replica but this one isn’t made of foam – it actually is a torch! Made of plastic but very sturdy, it takes 3 x AAA batteries and would look amazing hung on a wall somewhere in your home, erm sorry, base that you’ve started to make by digging for materials and chopping down trees with your Diamond Pickaxe. Now with light on your side, those monsters will stop spawning allowing you to get on with your base-building.

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