Calico Critters Luxury Townhouse

  • The Calico Critters Luxury Townhouse is on the top 15 hot list of best selling toys this Christmas. If you have girls aged between three and eight, you have probably already heard of Calico Critters. Just in case they are delightful miniature creatures who live in a little world similar to ours.
    Calico Critters Luxury Townhouse
    There is a whole range of little figures to collect from different species in the animal kingdom. They live on Cloverleaf Corners and their miniature houses and accessories are just picture perfect making them a hit with young girls the world over. It isn’t just American little girls that love the Calico Critters. Outside of North America, this range is just as popular where it is known as the Sylvanian Family. This was the original name of this series and means from the forest hence why the creatures are all what you would expect to find in the woods i.e. cats, rabbits, bear, mice etc Each family is a separate unit yet also an integral part of the community. Your little girl will probably enjoy collecting different families as she goes. In fact Calico Critters have been around for so long it is possible you or your friends played with them when you were young.

    So what do you get for your $80? The Calico Critters Luxury Townhouse is a miniature version of a real townhouse complete with interior decor and working lights. You can choose to have four or five bedrooms as a room divider is part of the package together with a movable stairs. You need 2AA batteries to work the lights so don’t forget to put them in your shopping basket.

    Should you buy this product? If you have a little girl who loves to play with dolls and houses this is a fantastic set to buy. The toys are all very well made with great attention to detail. You will never have to worry about what to buy for a birthday or Christmas again as there are so many different items in the range to collect. In addition to houses, there are cars, trailers, clothes and furniture accessories.

    No characters or accessories come with the Luxury Townhouse and this could cause disappointment. If your little one is new to the Calico Critters family, you should buy her a couple of figures to get her started. The Calico Critters Fisher Cat family is very popular and has quite a reputation for house building and vegetable gardening. You get two parents and two children. Or you could choose from any of the other families in the range such as the Rabbit family, Buttercup Cat family etc. Each family comes with removable clothes, usually two parents and two children as well as a personalized biography helping your little one’s imagination to run wild. If friends or grandparents are wondering what to buy they could pick up additional accessories such as furniture or a car.

    Although designed with little girls in mind, don’t be surprised if your little boy starts playing with this set too. They appeal to those who love nature and families and that applies to young boys as well as girls. The Calico Critters Luxury Townhouse is currently available from Amazon but given it is in on the top ten list for kids this year this availability could change.