Best Christmas Toys for Movie Fans

  • Children love movies. Some will enjoy the Disney princesses in action while others want to see the likes of Star Wars and The Avengers. Whatever your son or daughter loves, you want to find a Christmas toy that represents their love and interests.

    It can sometimes be hard, but Amazon is one of the best places for Christmas toys for movie fans. There are some great deals in the run up to Christmas. Here are some of the best Christmas toys to choose this year. There is something for all ages and budgets.

    Lionel Polar Express Train Set

    Christmas toys for movie fans: Polar Express

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    Let’s get the most expensive option out of the way first. Polar Express is my favorite children’s Christmas movie, mainly for the fact that Tom Hanks does the majority of the voices. The story has a great moral too, teaching children to be more accepting of others and support one another.

    Train sets become popular Christmas toy presents for kids, so why not get the one from this great movie? There’s no mistaking that it’s the genuine train when you look at all the details, such as the name of the train on the coal carriage.

    This fully-working train set has all the sound effects from the movie and is a G-Gauge steam locomotive. Children have a small remote control, which is clearly labelled to allow them to move the train both forwards and backwards.

    You can also get extra train lines and tunnels to really turn this into a toy for your child to remember.

    The downside is the price. It is just short of $130, which could put a few people off. If you have the budget, your Polar Express fan will certainly see it as money well spent.

    Minion Kevin Action Figure

    The Minion Movie was never supposed to happen. Somehow, the Minions became a firm favorite in Despicable Me and the movie told the story of how they came about. Kids of all ages love it. In

    Christmas gifts for movie fans: The Minion Movie

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    fact, even adults love it, as much as they want to say they don’t.

    Action figures from the movie are everywhere. Kevin, the leader, is one of the most popular and this action figure comes with an open banana for him to eat. His head and arms move around, and it is large enough for smaller children; supervision would be required!

    The banana activates the speech function, and he has a number of popular phrases from the movie. Kevin is often bought with Stuart and Bob to make the full collection from the movie.

    The majority of Amazon reviews have given this a 5-star review, because of how great quality it is. Children fall in love with Kevin the minute they get him.

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens Miniature Game Set

    Movie Christmas toy ideas: Star Wars

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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens is almost here and children already want toys from the franchise. This Christmas, why not consider this miniature game set. It comes with a two-player option and a number of miniature versions of crafts from the upcoming movie. You and your children can pretend to be on either side.

    Because this is a miniature set, there are small parts. Amazon states that it is not suitable for children under three.

    One of the best things is that it will work with all the other Fantasy Flight Games in the Star Wars franchise, and there are certainly plenty of them. You could consider something to add on for the next birthdays and Christmases.

    Frozen Musical Bicycle Playset

    Despite being released two years ago, Frozen is still a firm favorite with many children; boys and girls. This Anna and Elsa Musical Bicycle Playset could be perfect for your children, especially considering it comes with the two main dolls and an Olaf figure. How many others do  you see saying “dolls not included?”

    It’s a tandem bike that both Anna and Elsa can sit on. Let your children decide who sits up front. They both get to pedal at the same time, promoting

    Frozen Christmas Toy Ideas

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    that same theme from the movie. It’s all about friendship and sisterhood. Olaf sits up front in the basket, so he can see everything that is going on.

    The bike plays Do You Wanna Build a Snowman when a button is pressed from inside the basket.

    There are mixed reviews for this set, but most people rate it highly. The dolls are highly accurate and there is a good nod to the movie with Frozen detail in the bike. One issue that one reviewer had was that the bike broke, but the reviewer didn’t say whether it was with normal or out of the ordinary use. Others have not rescinded their reviews.

    There really is a mixture of options available when it comes to Christmas toys for movie fans. Whether your child loves Frozen, Star Wars or Polar Express there is something for all budgets and interests. Now it’s time to do your shopping before you run out of time!