Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

  • Angry Birds- Knock On Wood Game

    This time around it’s so long to the digital version and hello to the Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game. From the famous mobile phone game application Angry Birds, this Knock on Wood Game enables you to play Angry Birds in real life. Played by 2-4 players, this game is recommended for children not less than three years old because the small figures of birds and pigs are choking hazards.

    Just like the digital version, this Knock on Wood Game enables players to build, launch and destroy to win. Inside the package are three Angry Birds miniatures, green pig figures, mission cards, structure parts, and slingshot. There are four levels in this game with the cards to determine what kind of structure to build. The slingshot or bird launcher is used to shoot down pigs. The higher the card, the higher the points earned. The first player to earn 100 points is the winner.

    The Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game is recommended for those who are huge followers of the digital Angry Birds game. Although it is tedious sometimes to pick-up the structure parts and to rebuild the structure again, the fun and excitement this game brings clearly overrides any negatives.